Got a new Vista Laptop!!!

I’ve been busy for the past while so I haven’t had a chance to put anything down.
My desktop has been crashing the past week, so I decided to buy a new laptop. This was so that I could have the portability to work on stuff, without being tied to a desk. And since anything you buy now has Vista preinstalled, I figured, why not go for it with Ultimate to have all the goodies to play around with. Plus I wanted to do some virtualization, and apparently you can’t do that with any of the Home versions
So I started searching and found out our company negotiated a Dell Employee Purchase Plan discount because of all the computers they sell us. So I went through their offerings. I wanted something light and wasn’t really worried about screen size since I could always connect a monitor if I needed more screen room. The laptops with 17" displays were way to heavy to carry around and so were the 15" display’s. So I figured something around a 14" display worked for me. So that left me with the Inspiron 640m or the Lattitude D620.
But as I started configuring laptops, the price just kept getting more and more expensive. I use a D620 at work but the cost of the upgrades was expensive. And I didn’t like the fact that the 640m only came with an onboard video card that couldn’t be upgraded. So I went to one of the shopping centre’s near where I live because I heard they had a Dell booth there. While checking out their laptops, playing around with them, checking the weight of them, etc., I noticed that they had an XPS M1210 with a 12.1" display. The XPS models are their gaming machines that are supposed to have better quality components. Even though it had a 12" display (not sure how well the gaming is on a small screen), but I really liked the laptop. The model comes with a built in webcam, Bluetooth, and a few other things. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB and upgraded a few other things. When I went to the Dell website to configure it, they were offering a free upgrade to Vista Ultimate ($200 value apparently) and an upgraded nVidia 256MB graphics cards for free as well. After playing with it for a while, the fact that it was only a 12" display didn’t bother me.
After doing the configuration, I called up the Dell EPP rep and sent him the quote I got from the website. He said he could give me 6% off on top of the web quote. But, he said, that I had only quoted for 1 year CompleteCare warranty (their accidental damage warranty which is supposed to replace things even if I drop the laptop or whatever). If I had upgraded to a 3 year CompleteCare warranty, I could get a 12% discount. After doing the pricing with the 3 years and 12%, it was only $37 more, but with 3 years CompleteCare.
So after thinking about it, I placed the order. Now I just have to wait for Dell to "build and ship" the laptop. Here’s the configuration I purchased:
XPS M1210
Core2Duo T7200 2Ghz
Windows Vista Ultimate
2GB DDR2 667Mhz
Intel Pro Wireless 3945 a/b/g
256 MB nVidia 7400 TurboCache
85 Watt, 9-cell battery
8X DVD+/- RW DL drive
12.1 in WXGA display with integrated webcam and wireless antenna
100 GB Hard Drive, 7.2K
355 Bluetooth Wireless
TV Tuner, w/Remote, TVT-2 USB
Integrated NIC and Modem
Integrated audio
Mulitmedia cables
Backpack Carrying case
Vista PC-Restore
Dell Resource DVD
Roxio Creator LE
MS Works Suite 2006
3 year CompleteCare Accidental Damage warranty
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